Friday, June 5, 2009

Things I've learned in the past 26 days:

- Americans are usually either the most friendly or the most unfriendly group of people.
- You can't trust the weather report up here. Ever.
- A brewery is where you brew your own alcohol.
- Foreign boys take everything you say, literally. EVERYTHING.
- Never ride your bike to the beach on a windy day.
- Don't plan on getting tan or have your heart set on laying out for the day.
- It's ok to shop at WalMart IF and only IF you live here
- How to turn on a fireplace using a thermostat
- Missing people sucks...
- The Twilight movie is everything people said it was. It's bad quality and bad acting, yet intriguing and magical. And Edward is hot.
- The Bookworm is possibly the best place on the planet.
- The giant animal carvings outside my work are elk, not buffalo :)
- The best way to pass the time when bored is to collage
- Blogging is fun.

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