Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My journey to this small town would not have been complete without some type of interaction with a police officer...no...2 police officers. Yes. Of all the people I know, I would have to say that I have probably been pulled over more times than any of them. Here is my compilation of occasions in which I was obligated to stop due to the flashing red lights:

1-My first time was when I was driving home from a movie. The officer explained to me that I made a left hand turn into the far right lane rather than the nearest lane. No ticket.

2- The next night, yes, I failed to make a stop BEHIND the white line at a stop sign rather than on top of the line. No ticket.

3- The third consecutive night of being pulled over (this is not a joke, it happened 3 nights in a row), the same officer from the FIRST night got me for pulling out in front of him. It's not my fault my car can barely chug its way up onto the street. No ticket.

4- Registration expired. No ticket.

5- Just finished breakin someones heart. Late at night. Lights not on. No ticket.

6- On my way to get my registration renewed. No ticket.

7- My sweet little car stalled at a stop sign. The policeman must have been bored cuz he pulled me over after he saw me struggling. No ticket.

8- Driving home from Danny's, I honestly cannot tell you why I got pulled over this time. Really the officer sounded stoned or something, he was just mumbling about not being able to see my plate or something....I'm confused to this day. No ticket.

9- On my birthday of this year I was going 84 in a 65 on the freeway. The policeman gave me a warning for my speed but informed me that my insurance was expired, all I would need to do is e-mail the court my proof of insurance at the time I was pulled over and it would be cleared. Unfortunatly my father failed to update our insurance, so I was not covered, and I had to pay $415. HUGE TICKET. But I think it shouldn't count...

10- On the way up here to Montana, pulled over for 90 in a 75. No ticket.

11- AGAIN, on the way to Montana, no license plate on the front of my car. No ticket. But the fine is $52 in case you were wondering.

12- Pulled over IN Montana for going 30 in a 25. No ticket.

What can I say???

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