Tuesday, June 9, 2009

day of optimism

I feel that there are too many complaints about our world. Especially here where there are crazy-ace people all over and you work every second. So here is a list of reasons why I LOVE to work at my two jobs in West Yellowstone!!!

1- I get free toilet paper (from the hotel...we take it...yes.)
2- Tons of complimentary gum packets
3- PLENTY of time to blog, check e-mail, facebook, shop online
4- YouTube
5- Foreigners
6- Free restaurant food
7- Tips
8- Free horseback rides
9- Hibernation Station has a hot tub
10- I get to say "Hibernation Station" at least 50 times a day
11- We all got some pretty bad-a sweatshirts for free
12- Soap. For free
13- Toothpaste. For free
14- Tiana, Laurie, Brooke
15- Parker, Kendall
16- The pizza guy comes and signs our card, once we get 10 signatures, we get a free pizza!
17- Everything is walking distance
18- I can wear a T-shirt to waitress in
19- Russ, one of the cooks at old town. Love him.
20- Although I've never had a beer, something about opening one for customers makes me feel way cool inside

:) life is beautiful.


  1. I love that you are taking advantage of all of the free things in town. Especially other people's pizza stamps. Genius.