Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My big break

I have met quite the assortment of interesting people while being up here, and Sunday afternoon I came across one that was definitly near the top of the list. I shall tell you of him.
So I was sitting at the counter of the cafe I work at, chatting with Laurie, and this man was sitting next to me. Bless his heart. He was probably mid-60's, messy hair, bad teeth, overweight...anyway, after mentioning his love of chocolate, the fact that he needs to "put on sunglasses to look at me" (I was wearing a red dress), and after singing me a song he "wrote", he begins talking to me about some sort of movie he's planning on making. He offered me a lead role. Yes. It is said to be some sort of western. I would be playing the role of younger Katy, and if all goes according to plan he's going to get Faith Hill to play the older Katy. I don't resemble Faith Hill in the slightest, but he seems to be convinced it will work out great. I wanted to be polite so I just went along and told him it was a wonderful idea. I asked him a few questions about his life as well. He has only been married an 18 year old when he was 27.....but she supposedly got hooked on meth and ran off with another guy. I told him he was better off.

You all should be excited to see me in my movie debut.