Sunday, June 27, 2010

just need to vent about HOW in the WORLD im still living...

the past two weeks have been enough to drive me INSANE!! with Brooke and co-worker Doug out of town, i've had to pick up a few extra shifts at the restaurant. meaning tonight will be my 13th night of work in a row.
maybe i'm being a baby, but working from the hour of 5 pm until the hours of 12:30-1 am for two weeks in a row has taken its tole on me....
i of course have my morning job on top of that. so after going to bed at around 1 am i still have to wake up at 630 every tuesday-saturday morning, and this week sunday and monday as well.
every night while wiping tables, changing bleach water, sweeping floors and mopping i ask myself how i am still functioning. i swear its not normal...i have this fear that one day im just going to sleep through EVERYTHING. i feel like its going to take two full days of sleep in order to catch up. i am amazed and truly thankful i have not yet crashed...
however, i thankfully have the blessed opportunity to go home this week. its going to feel so nice to have a break and relax with my family and others that i miss dearly :)
lets just hope i dont fall asleep on the way there...

love, melissa

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  1. awwwwwwww you burnt out girl!
    i am glad that you have had some shifts off.
    it's always nice to re-gather haha.