Saturday, June 5, 2010


you can't fully understand the nature of a cowboy until you are surrounded by not one, but many. as far as i know, there are 2 types of cowboy:

type 1: quiet, polite, frequently uses the terms please and thank you (with an occasional head nod), does his best to be well-kept and groomed. drinks beer out of a bottle. leaves a generous tip.

type 2: obnoxious, forward, constantly has a wad of chew lining his lower gum, dirty, a few missing teeth. skips the bottle (and PINT) of beer and goes straight for the pitcher. leaves no tip.

every thursday, friday, and saturday night after the rodeo, brooke and i have the privilege of serving these two types of cowboy (the after party is at wild west) until about 11-11:30 pm. its going to be a loonnng summer.



  1. ha definitely the second try and hide that pitcher of bud light behind your back but i know the truth...

  2. let's add a third type:
    cowboys who will give a "grumpy waitress" a second chance. :)

    did i mention that i love this blog?
    every. post.

  3. hahahaha i think that includes ALL of them actually ;)

    ps thanks. love yours too.