Wednesday, May 12, 2010

car trouble

It wouldn't be a proper trip to Montana without some sort of setback in regards to my automobile.

On the drive up here, I was simply going along when suddenly the two-lane road merged into a one-lane road almost out of nowhere, due to construction. Once I realized the predicament I eagerly pressed on the brakes only to find a huge trailer on the right side of me, and huge orange cones on the left side of me. Panicking, I tried to refrain from hitting either. I planned to break until the truck passed me, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time or space and my left rear-view mirror managed to hit a cone on the left of me, and it popped the glass off.
I am very lucky that this was the only harm that was caused. When I got into town I took my car to the dealer and he estimated the price for a new piece of glass, and a back for the mirror on the OTHER side of the car (which I chipped off after hitting another car a few months back). For both pieces it will cost me about $250. Which is generous, because he is doing labor for free and giving me ten percent off. I probably bring the worst luck upon myself out of anyone I know...sigh...

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