Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2-Day Date

Because of my recently torn ACL, and my recently engaged friend Tiana, a trip to Utah was needed even though it has only been a week since I left.

I had an appointment to pick up my knee brace at 8:00 Monday morning at the doctor's office in Logan and the next day was Tiana's bridal shower in SL. In need of a driving partner, I asked our fellow Yellowstoners Jake, Sean and Drew if any of them would be interested in accompanying me. Jake said he needed to get some things from Bountiful, so what we referred to as our "2-day date" began Sunday after church.

We drove down to Logan Sunday night and stayed with Aunt Kristan and Maria. It's always a pleasure going to their house! She made us great food and provided us with great conversation :)

The next morning after my appointment we departed for Bountiful. Jake and I went our separate ways to complete our errands for the day and headed back up to West that evening, with a break for a picnic in Idaho Falls. Beautiful scenery and good sandwiches. Our night was topped off by a speeding ticket (ahem) and lovely music for the drive home. Thanks Jake!

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  1. PRAISE. I love your blog. it makes me euphoric. as well as you. I love you. thank you so much for coming... you are my beeest friend. yes.