Sunday, July 4, 2010


yesterday i had two experiences that i probably wont soon forget.

1) i was serving a table consisting of a young boy, a middle aged father, and an elderly grandfather. the elderly individual took me aside and pointed to a woman sitting two booths over. she had a young girl and boy with her, both under the age of about 6 i would say. the woman herself was probably in her 30s. the old man told me he would like to anonymously pay for the woman's meal. i told brooke and we both thought it was just the sweetest thing. after paying for her food he asked us to slip her an additional $20 bill and tell her to have a good day.

2) two stranger boys from provo (ahem) came into wild west later on in the evening. i walked passed one and he gave me a high five, acting like he knew me (he didnt).
they left without eating, and later came back with a lemon bar. they told me i couldnt have it unless i came and hung out with them after i got off work, however i explained to them my rigorous schedule, informing them that i had to work at 7 the next morning and would not be home until about 1 am. due to these demanding hours i probably wouldnt be able to play that night. they gave me the lemon bar anyway.

basically what i took from these experiences is that it seems to be my turn to perform an act of service. i will be making treats for the cooks and bartenders tonight :)

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  1. A: I love when people pay for others meals (I speak as one that that happened too.) Motivation for money right there, so I can do it for others.

    B: Count on dweebs from Provo to pull that cheesy hitting on you crap. But hey, nice of them to give you a lemon bar.

    C: The cooks and bartenders will LOVE you.

    good work chum.