Thursday, July 29, 2010

front dest duties

beginning at approx. 6:53 am

unlock door
turn on inside lights. turn off outside lights
clock in
....make coffee....bleh
sign on to computers
check email
check facebook
open blinds
take off sweater
answer phone
read employee communications book.....
take keys from outgoing customers
apply chapstick
continue to facebook

7:03 am

answer phone.
make more coffee
facebook, facebook
fill up an ice bucket
take keys
answer annoying questions
check clock. cry a little
put sweater back on
look at blogs
greet a customer...then a few more
shut the office door
give a breakfast recommendation

8:37 am

make a blog post
answer any questions as quickly as possible
print an invoice
stare out the window
look at pictures on my camera
spider solitaire
greet a customer
get up. shut door.
pull the days' departures
read my texts
answer phone call...then another

10:24 am

put keys away
answer phone
once again, SHUT door
count the hours i have left...
look at schedule
contemplate suicide
count my cash
ice, ice, ice
damn coffee...
greet a customer

11:46 am

almost done
spider solitaire
traditional solitaire
send a text?
scratch an itch
recruit housekeepers to keep me company
online shop? perhaps
think about getting off
answer more questions
put away more keys
look at blogs. again.
shut. door.
take a reservation

12:34 pm

start to see the light
count the till
make a cash deposit
print balance report
print receipt of credit card machine
staple together
start to get anxiety...

1:00 pm

and thats my short shift.

god bless...


  1. bwah. ha. ha. ha.
    welcome to our lyfe.

  2. HAHA Meliss. I just envisioned that whole schedule. Stupid hiber. I miss you. That'll be all