Sunday, July 19, 2009

some restaurant experiences...

There is nothing quite like working in a restaurant, it's really nothing you can even imagine until you've done it yourself. I'm not going to say that I'm the best waitress in the world, but I don't by any means think I am bad at it either. I've never personally had a bad waitress, but I do know how you could be awful at it. Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my funny restaurant experiences just to give you all a better idea of what it entails...
- One lady ordered a pizza to go at Wild West. I gave her the credit card receipt and she literally left me a one cent tip on it. What the heck. I would have MUCH rather had nothing! I don't expect a tip on a to go order (although I do often get them and they are of course much appreciated), and I would rather have nothing than that one cent. That's seriously just more of a hassel. It was kinda hilarious.
- One time a very nice older Mexican couple asked to take a picture of me. They said they were going to show it to their family in Mexico. They couldn't speak english but they had a middle-aged man with them who was explaining all of this to me as their camera was aiming at my direction. They left their phone numbers and addresses for me in case I ever go there. It's still in my wallet :)
- An older man asked me if I wanted to try his beer. He was literally holding out his glass for me until one of the guys with him said "oh leave her alone..." ha! I loved him.
- I had a lady once ask me if we had any other food OTHER than what was on the menu.....seriously. I just wanted to say "Yeah we just have a big storage back here of tons of food we don't tell our customers about...its top secret." Idiot.
- This one is kind of embarrassing, but it was first night at Wild West, and we were way busy. I wasn't used to everything yet and I was running around like crazy cuz one of the food tickets got lost so I was trying to figure that out. So I was serving a table with a bunch of kids and I brought out half their drinks and forgot about the other half until they got their food. So finally the lady pays and she writes a note on the receipt saying, "Tip is for the bussers ONLY. Waitress consider finding a new occupation." If I wrote down everything I wanted to say to this woman it would make a novel.

Well that's just a few examples of what you are likely to experience in the serving occupation. The adventures are endless...

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